hookset logic electro 16-pieces

Hookset logic electro

The electro hookset is ideal for workshops where work is done with small electronic parts. This 16-pieces hookset is perfect for storing tools and work equipment. Having a designated place for each tool helps keep the work environment neat and organised.

The set has been carefully put together and in many cases already meets the demands of the user. By using the logic sets, you get a good idea what possibilities this system offers. Do you need additional hooks? These can be ordered separately.

Sovella hakenset kleine electronica

Logic hakenset elektro onderdelen

The logic electro hookset consist of the following pieces:

  • 1x R47 Mounting platform
  • 4x R1 Single hook 30×3
  • 1x R2 Double hook 40x25x4
  • 3x R35 Pliers holder 35×17
  • 2x R35 pliers holding 55×17
  • 1x R21 Screwdriver holder
  • 4x R19 Tool clamp
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