ENG_Sovella Nederland assembly line for ESD products. Modulair and ergonomic design

Assembly line and workstations

An assembly line consists of a series of consecutive workstations in which items are assembled and transported on manual conveyors or trolleys. Every step and workstation in the assembly process are lean, efficient and manageable. This allows the organization to keep a grip on the process and use the modular properties to continuously optimize the assembly line.

Sovella Nederland BV has extensive experience in supplying assembly lines for any kind of application. We think along with the process and offer a suitable solution based on your wishes and requirements.


ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston TP, TPB and TPH workstations for assesmbly, ESD repair and value added service

Treston basic WORKBENCHES

The TP(H) workbench is a perfect entry-level workstation for normal and ESD appliances

Sovella Nederland Treston concept werktafel met ergo trolley en accessoires voor ESD toepasisng


This modular workbench is ideal for optimal use and integration in assembly lines for normal and ESD-safe working environments

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston modular workbench for assembly


Robust and modular workbenches for demanding work environments and mechatronics applications

Sovella Nederland Treston Multilijn assemblage oplossing manueel


Manuel transport system for creating a modular assembly line in production and ESD environments.

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston Drawer units for assembly and storage solutions


Efficiently store valuable goods or small parts in a durable and high quality drawer unit

Sovella Nederland Treston Basic trolley combinatie 1 met ESD opslagbakken nabij de werktafel


Equip trolleys with our wide range of accessories for tool storage of project transportation

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston 2Bin storage unit

STORAGE and 2Bin storage

A wide range of durable storage units for light and heavy products.  A wide selection of closed storage, open storage and 2Bin systems

Sovella Nederland Treston werkplaatsstoel en zadelkruk voor productie en ESD nabij de werktafel


Ergonomic and durable workshop chairs and stools for general and ESD-application.

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