Fipro storage systems

With our stylish and practical solutions you can create a real industrial look in your walk-in closet, home office or garage.

Fipro is versatile, beautifully designed, of high quality and sustainably produced.

Choose your desired color and combine the Fipro system with various materials like mahogany for a unique design. You can easily create more living space for the family in the kitchen, bedroom, garage, basement, because the solid fipro system can be used anywhere in the house.

The system is used by various architectural firms and loved by interior designers.

Download 3D models (archiCAD and REVIT)

The Fipro (sovella) system is the ideal system for optimally furnishing a storage room, cleaning room and archives for schools, public and goverment buildings.

The digital files can be downloaded as BIM OBJECT. Simply use the modular structure and accessories. The uprights, brackets and steel shelves can be drawn in the system as a combination or individually. Watch the simple instruction video for correct appliance for the Fipro systems.

Sovella Nederland BV can help you with any further questions.

Download Fipro/Sovella BIM-OBJECTEN voor ReVIT

Download Fipro/Sovella 3D modellen voor ArchiCAD

Fipro product range


Trapezoid shaped

Excluding fasteners

  • Uprights 150 mm
  • Uprights 500 mm
  • Uprights 1.000 mm
  • Uprights 1.500 mm
  • Uprights  2.000 mm
  • Uprights 2.250 mm
  • Uprights 2.500 mm
Sovella Nederland fipro wandrails gallerij

Double brackets

Dimensions 400 mm are reinforced
Max. load 70 – 120 kg per section
Can be used with wooden planks

  • Bracket straight 150 mm
  • Bracket straight 200 mm
  • Bracket straight 250 mm
  • Bracket straight 300 mm
  • Bracket straight 350 mm
  • Bracket straight 400 mm reinforced
  • Bracket straight 450 mm reinforced
  • Bracket straight 500 mm reinforced
  • Bracket straight 550 mm reinforced
  • Bracket tilted 20 degrees 300 mm

Single brackets

Glass shelf brackets per pair
Max. load 40 – 120 kg

  • Glass shelf brackets
  • L-bracket single straight/tilted 300 mm
  • L-bracket single straight/tilted 400 mm
  • L-bracket single straight 500 mm
  • L-bracket single straight 600 mm

Steel shelf

Max. load 30 – 50 kg
Folded front and back
Can only be used with double brackets

  • Steel shelf 600×200 mm
  • Steel shelf 600×400 mm
  • Steel shelf 600×500 mm
  • Steel shelf 600×550 mm
  • Steel shelf 900×200 mm
  • Steel shelf 900×250 mm
  • Steel shelf 900×300 mm
  • Steel shelf 900×400 mm
  • Steel shelf 900×500 mm
  • Steel shelf 900×550 mm

Support steel shelf

Doubles the max load per shelf
Support in double bracket

  • Support steel shelf 600 mm
  • Support steel shelf 900 mm

Perforated steel shelf

Max load. 20 – 30 kg
Folded front and back
Can only be used with double brackets

  • Perfo steel shelf 600×300 mm
  • Perfo steel shelf 600×400 mm
  • Perfo steel shelf 900×300 mm
  • Perfo steel shelf 900×400 mm

Hook-on shoe shelf

Max. load 20 – 25 kg
Raised edges on the sides and front
Can be used straight and tilted

  • Hook-on shoe shelf 600×350 mm
  • Hook-on shoe shelf 900×350 mm

Hookable wire basket

Can be used straight and tilted
Max. load 10 kg

  • Hookable wire basket 600×350 mm
  • Hookable wire basket 900×350 mm

Basket for extendable frame

Fine-meshed steel version
Usable with the extendable frame

  • Basket for extendable frame 500x400x  85 mm
  • Basket for extendable frame 500x400x185 mm

Extendable frame for basket

Max. load 10 kg
Usable with fine-meshed basket

  • Extendable frame for basket 600 x 470 mm

Wire basket divisible and seperate divider

Wire basket suitable for making a division
Max. load 90 kg
Brackets and dividers to be ordered separately

  • Divisible wire basket 900×400 mm
  • Divider 400x120mm

Hookable clothing rack

Clothing racks with hooks
Max. load 15 kg
Suitable for attaching clothes hangers

  • Clothing rack with 5 hooks 600 mm
  • Clothing rack with 8 hooks 900 mm

Clothing hangers set of 4 

Rotatable clothes hangers
Clothes hanger set of 4 to hook into clothing racks 010650 and 010651
A max. of 16 hangers fit in a clothing rack of 900 mm
A max. of 8 hangers fit in a clothing rack of 600 mm

  • Clothing rack  350mm set of 4

Hook-in confection tube

Max. load 45 kg
Hookable tilted

  • Hook-in confection tube 600 mm
  • Hook-in confection tube 900 mm

Clothing rack under shelf

Max. load 20 kg
Can be flexibly hooked under a shelf of 300 of 400 mm

  • Clothing rack under shelf 300 mm
  • Clothing rack under shelf 400 mm

Confection tube 1800 galvanized with end and middle supports

Confection tube 1800 mm, custimize yourself
End and middle supports, hook-on brackets for shelf

  • Confection tube 1800 mm, galvanized
  • End supports confection tube
  • Middle support confection tube

Divider pair shelf

Flexible dividers for shelves of 300 and 400 mm

  • Divider pair 300 mm
  • Divider pair 400 mm

Book supports

Hookable in uprights

  • Book supports 200×135 mm
  • Book supports 250×135 mm

Hook-on perforated panel

Hook-on perforated panel for GWS hooks
Various dimensions available
Equipped with reinforced u-profiles

  • Perfo panel M600 x 389 mm
  • Perfo panel M600 x 612 mm
  • Perfo panel M600 x 808 mm
  • Perfo panel M900 x 389 mm
  • Perfo panel M900 x 612 mm
  • Perfo panel M900 x 808 mm

Bin rails with storage bins

Color: red

  • Bin rails with 5 storage bins 600 mm
  • Bin rails with 8 storage bins  900 mm

Connector plate transparent

Connector plate for double brackets
For connecting wooden planks

  • Single connector plate
  • Double connector plate

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