Treston storage systems

Treston storage systems are modular and easy to use. The product family includes shelves, cabinets, bins, drawers, and perforated panels. Any type of industrial workspace can be organized with Treston storage products. In addition to standard products, customised solutions and products with ESD protection available.

Sovella Nederland Treston industriele opslagkast met legborden voor in de werkplaats voor de opslag van kostbare tools

Modular industrial cabinets

Sturdy, quality storage cabinets made from powder-coated steel provide storage suitable for industrial and technical environments. A wide range of accessories helps easily adapt the cabinets according to storage needs. Adjustable legs keep the cabinet stable on uneven surfaces. All cabinets have a lock, and most models also come with solid double doors. The low models have a rubber mat and sides to prevent objects from sliding off the top.

Sovella Nederland Treston modulaire opslagkast met ladekast voor zware belasting

Modular heavy shelving system

A shelving system that stands firm under the toughest of conditions. Especially suitable for storing large and heavy objects and items. A shelving unit can be built from cabinets, drawers, and shelves, and it can have either open or solid sides. A comprehensive selection of accessories enables putting together a solution that perfectly suits each user’s needs. Also serves well as an individual shelf or cabinet.

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston Bedrunka Drawer Units for automotive ESD and industry

Modular drawer unit

Sturdy Treston drawer units offer efficient solutions to various storage issues. They can be free-standing, serve as table legs, or be attached under a work surface. Attaching wheels to drawer units makes them easy to move. Several frame options (including with ESD protection) and a wide selection of drawers

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston ESD storage shelving system for workspaces

Modulair shelving system

A versatile shelving system that meets nearly all storage needs. Can be assembled to meet individual needs by combining shelves and industrial cabinets and by adding accessories as needed. The cabinets and shelves can also be used individually. Includes a wide range of accessories and add-ons for creating customised storage solutions. The system is offered in various heights, widths and depths.

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston tool storage system for lean storage of tools in the workspace

TKT LEAN tool storage system

The tool storage system is a handy storage solution comprising a sturdy frame and perforated panels. The system only takes up 2 m² of floor space and provides at least 16 m² of storage space for tools and other items. Stands firmly on the floor without mounting. The bottom of each panel has a castor, to support and facilitate movement.

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston LEAN trolley for storing small goods in the ESD workspace

Basic trolley with stacking bins

The solid steel-frame trolley is a double-sided storage fixture for attaching four different sizes of stacking bins, to meet all kinds of needs. Wide variety of accessories can be attached to the trolley as well.Parts and products are easily accessible and in sight, and they can be effortlessly moved where needed.

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston industrial screen for near workbenches

Modular industrial screen

A versatile sstorage system that meets nearly all storage needs. It is built on the Treston upright system and can be assembled to meet individual needs by combining Treston accessories as needed. The industrial screens can also be used double sided. Includes a wide range of accessories and add-ons for creating customised storage solutions. The system is offered in various heights, widths and depths.

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston 2Bin flex flow workstations for ESD and assembly

Treston FiFo Flow rack shelving

Treston FiFo Flow Rack is a flexible shelving, storage and picking solution. It brings the items from the warehouse nearby the production, assembly or packing station. Ensures the needed parts are at hand and no time is wasted searching for items, supporting LEAN operations. FiFo (First in First out) flow ensures the oldest components are available first and the inventory is at a good level. Reduce errors and allow personnel to concentrate on the work at hand improving quality.

Stacking Bins

Parts and products stored in stacking bins can be effortlessly moved from one place to another either by carrying the bins by hand or transporting them in a trolley. The bins can also be placed on a workbench or a shelf, or mounted on a bin rail or a bin rack, to provide easy access to the items stored in them. The products can be seen through the open front, and a wavy bottom makes picking easier. Straight sides, dividers that can be ordered separately, and the ability to firmly stack the bins, help ensure that space is used efficiently.

Sovella Nederland Fami kantelbak systeem voor kleine onderdelen in de werkplaats

Tiltable bin system

Tiltable bin racks stay firmly in place and products are properly displayed and easy to see. The tiltable bin-elements for the stands are to be ordered separately according to need. An element has a width of 600 mm and a complete freestanding frame has a height of 1.900 mm. We offer a variety of elements and sizes.

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston spacemiser with bins for small parts in the workspace

Treston Spacemiser 

Freestanding turntable units take up very little floor space, but help maximise the capacity to store different kinds of parts. The units come in many sizes, and models are available both for small-parts cabinets and for storage bin cabinets, which are larger. The type of bin cabinet can be chosen based on the user’s own needs, and these must be ordered separately. A bench-top version is also available. Turntable units are suitable for use in spaces such as production facilities, stores, and warehouses.

ENG_Sovella Nederland Treston ESD storage cabinet table height for assembly

Storage Bin Cabinets

Sturdy storage bin cabinets are a user-friendly way of storing different components and products, including slightly larger ones, so that they can be kept well-organised and readily available. They only take up a little floor space, but by using dividers, a large unit can have as many as 336 separate sections in total. Small bin cabinets can be mounted on a wall, stacked on top of each other on the floor, or mounted on a turntable. Accessories, such as a locking system and wheels, make the bin cabinets very user-friendly.

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