Storage systems

The storing of tools and small product is always a challenge. Storage should be convenient, easy to use, yet safe and secure. A good storage system must be robust, and suitable for all work environments like EPA/ESD, mechatronics, logistics and more.

Sovella Nederland BV offers a variety of robust storage solutions which ranges from drawer units, perforated panels, shelving systems, cabinets, trolleys and binsystems. Our products are all modular in design which gives the user flexibility when designing the storage. We offer practical solutions for any workarea and any lightweight product.

Feel free to contact Sovella Nederland BV for more information on our products and solutions. Our English speaking staff can easily help you with any questions regarding storage solutions.

Sovella Nederland Treston industriele opslagkast met legborden voor in de werkplaats voor de opslag van kostbare tools

Modular industrial cabinet

  • Available in different sizes
  • Modular options like shelves, perforated panels and bin rails
  • Equiped with eurolock
  • Max. load per shelf 150 kg
  • Also with ESD protection
  • Leveling screws ensure firm standing on uneven surfaces
  • Can be moved with forklift
  • Can be combined with other shelving systems
Sovella Nederland Treston modulaire opslagkast met ladekast voor zware belasting

Modular heavy shelving system

  • Available width 700 mm, 900 mm
  • All standard and extension bays include 6 shelves
  • Max. load per bay 2000 kg
  • Max load per shelf 350 kg
  • Can be equiped with drawer unit
  • Max load per drawer 75kg
  • Drawers open 100%
  • Equiped with eurolock
Sovella Nederland Treston ladekast afsluitbaar met 100% uittrekbare laden, hoogte 1.40 meter voor in de werkplaats

Modular drawer cabinet

  • Many drawer combinations to choose from
  • Available width 700 mm, 900 mm, 1300 mm
  • Max. load  per drawer 75 kg / 200 kg per request
  • Drawers open 100%
  • Equiped with eurlock
  • Can be moved with forklift
  • Several drawer inserts available
Sovella Nederland Treston ESD-veilige werkplaats magazijn voor kleingoed nabij de inpaktafels en werktafels

Modular shelving system

  • A versatile storage system compromising standard parts and extension parts
  • Standard and extension parts always include 6 shelves
  • Can be equiped with drawers, perforated panels and bin rails
  • Can be combined with our industrial cabinet
  • Max. load per shelf  150kg, max. load per secion 1000kg
  • Colour frame ESD grey
Sovella Nederland Treston TKT10 lean panelenbox met uitschuifbare gereedschapsborden

TKT-10 storage system

  • A freestanding system, no need to mount to the floor
  • 2m² of floor space and up to 8m² of storage space
  • 4 Panels come as standard, extra panel available
  • Available in blue and grey
  • Max. load per panel 100kg
  • Durable and ergonomic
  • Dimensions: 1025 x 1035 x 2125mm
Sovella Nederland Treston basic trolley met opslagbakken en inhaakbare bakkenstrips

Basic trolley combination 1

  • Dimensions M750 x 710 x 1625 mm
  • 4 Swivel castors
  • 2Castors provided with brakes
  • Ergonomically adjustable handle
  • Usable on both sides
  • A bottom shelf
  • Stacking bins included
  • Combinations are also available with ESD protection

Modulair industrial screen

  • A robust, freestanding steel divider onto wich accesories can be mounted on both sides
  • Available width  750 en 900 mm
  • Max. load 150 kg per section
  • Available with T leg, or with L leg when placed against the wall
  • Colour frame ESD grey
  • Create your perfect configuration with our wide range of available accesories
Sovella Nederland Treston gereedschapstrolley met perfo zuilen opbouw en afsluitbare kast

Service trolley type 71

  • Dimension 710 x 500 x 1800mm
  • 2 Fixed castors and 2 swivel castors with brakes
  • Ergonomically adjustable handle bar
  • Ideal for storage and transport of tools and measuring equipment
  • Drawers with central locking system, wich allows one drawer to open at the time
  • Max. load per drawer 50kg
  • Lockable perforated cabinet
  • Accessories optional

Storage bins

  • Can be placed on a workbech, mounted on a bin rail or bin rack
  • Wide range of bin sizes
  • Can be stacked on top of each other
  • Available with ESD protection
  • Dividers available as accessorie
Sovella Nederland Fami kantelbak systeem voor kleine onderdelen in de werkplaats

Bin unit with transparant bins

  • Width 600 mm, height 1900mm
  • Also available as bench top unit or mountable to the wall
  • Available in different sizes

Bench top spacemiser

  • Two sizes, many different bin combinations to choose from
  • Can be placed on tabletop, mounted on a wall or a trolley, or stacked in a turntable unit
  • The back of the cabinet has holes for mounting
  • See-through bins with wavy bottoms enable good visibility and easy pickings of products


  • The small parts unit takes up 0.25m² and has room for 12 cabinets
  • The storage bin unit takes up 0.64 m² and has room for 16 cabinets
  • The units are sturdy and stay in place
  • Load capacity is 400 kg
  • Easy to assemble
  • ESD protection available

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